Terms of Use

Welcome to my tutorial site! It’s currently under construction as I’m moving stuff from my old site, so please bear with me.  Here is my ToU:
All the tutorials on this site were written by myself (Abstract) using Photoshop. I have older tutorials for Paintshop Pro, but I no longer will be writing those types. These tutorials are all my own work and any resemblence to another tutorial is coincidental.
• My tutorials are not to be downloaded, stolen, or rewritten in any way.
• I will not translate the tutorials, nor will I allow it. If you require translation, I suggest you download Google Chrome, as there is an auto-translate feature.
• The images you create from these tutorials are yours to use, as long as you do not make a profit off of them.
• Hot linking to any of my images is a huge no-no and I will not tolerate it.
• You can not share the direct links to any of my downloads. If you wish to share, please link to the blog post. This includes any supplies for tutorials.
• I allow forums to link to tutorials for various challenges, but not copy and paste. Please direct here for the tutorials.
• The snags I create are not to be modified in any way.
• You are allowed to do any Photoshop tutorial in Paintshop Pro, if it is possible.

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