What you need:

Tube- I’m using the art of Anna Marine. You can purchase her art here.

Filters- I’m using Xero Fritillery, Muras Copies, and Alienskin Lightning. If you don’t own Alienskin, you can find some lightning brushes on deviantart.

Overlay- You can download mine from here.

Fonts-I’m using LHF Mirage, which is a PTU font. You are free to use any font you wish.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial will use alpha channels, so please make sure you are familar with them first. 




Open a new image with the demensions of 600×250. Copy and paste your tube into the image. Duplicate your tube.

On the bottom tube layer, apply Muras Meister Copies. Keep it on the default settings, but in the dropdown box, find Wallpaper(rotate) and choose that option. Click ok.

On that bottom layer, apply a motion blur set to an angle of -21 and a distance of 100. Do this a second time.Duplicate and set the duplicated layer to overlay. Merge down. Rename this layer to “background”

Open the checkered overlay. Recolor to a color from your tube. Copy and paste above the background. Set the blend mode to Hard Light. You may need to use a different blend depending on your colors.

Duplicate your background layer and drag it above the checkered layer. Set the blend mode to Multiply.

Now, create a new layer above your tube layer. Select all, modify a border of 5. Flood fill with black. Do it a few times to make sure you get a clean edge. Deselect.

Now, activate your background layer. Select all and copy.

Go to your channels tab. Create a new channel. Paste your background layer into that channel. Go adjust the levels and set it to this:

Now, holding Ctrl, click inside the thumbnail for that channel. Go back to your layers tab. On the checkered layer, hit delete. Do the same on the duplicated background layer (the top one). Deselect.

On the background layer, apply Xero-Fritillery on the following settings:


Above the background layer, create 3 new layers. In each of those layers, using Alien Skin-Lightning, create lightning strikes from 3 different angles/directions. If you don’t have that filter, feel free to use some brushes that you can find online.

I won’t tell you any settings for the lightning because each person has a different style. Play around until you get something you like.

Set the blend mode of your lightning to overlay.


Now, add your copyright information and your name.


Depending on where your levels are, you can always go back to your channel and repeat that trick on your name. If not, feel free to add any style you want.

I dropped the fill opacity of my text to 50% and added a black stroke in 2px.


Now, on to the animation! If you don’t want to animate, save as jpg.


In your animation window, create 6 frames. In the first frame, make sure the bottom lightning layer is showing. In the third frame, make sure the middle lightning is showing. In the fifth frame, make sure the top one is showing. The 2nd, 4th, and 6th frames should have no lightning.

Set the display to .2 seconds and save for web and devices!



Here is another tag I used doing this tutorial 🙂


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