Snowtime Fun


What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Jasmine Becket-Griffth. You can find her art at CDO.

Texture-I’m using an awesome freebie texture from dudealan2001 on dA. You can get the texture I’m using here. Feel free to use a different one if you wish.

Animation-You’ll need a snow animation, the one I used can be downloaded here. (Direct Download)

Fonts-I used Impact and Leisure Script


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 650×200.

Open your ice texture, copy and paste into the image.

Now, go to your adjustments tab, and use the Hue/Saturation. Set the Hue to 205 and the saturation at 84.

Go to your tube, make sure the layer with the snowbuddy is underneath the regular tube layer. Select both of those layers and hit Ctrl+G to group them. Duplicate the group, but in the drop down box, find your tag. Hit ok.

Now, in your tag, resize the group by 60%. Open the group up and resize the top tube layer (the one without the snowbuddy) so that it fits exactly over the girl on the second tube layer. Hold Shift while dragging the box in smaller. Then use the arrow keys to line her up nice and good. Close up the group once you are done. This part might take some time, so feel free to hit undo as you need.

Position the group towards the right side of the tag.

Now, copy and paste a close up of the tube above the ice texture. Set the blend mode to overlay.

Create a new layer above your grouped tubes. Select all, modify a border of 8px. Flood fill with a color from your tube. Fill a few times to make sure you get a solid edge. In the layer styles, drop the fill opacity down to 50%. Add an innershadow with the distance set to 1 and the size at 1. Then add a 1px stroke in white.


Under your grouped tube layer, using the font Impact, spell out the word snow. I had mine set to 120px. Copy the layer style from your border and paste it on your text layer. Rasterize the text. Position on the left side of the tag.

Now, open your snow animation. Duplicate the group and find your tag in the drop down box. Make sure it’s above the text layer you just did.

Holding Ctrl, click on the thumbnail of the text layer. Go to selections and hit invert. On each layer of the snow animation, hit delete. This will make sure the snow is only inside the text layer. 😉

Now, using a nice scripty font, type out “Let’s play in the…” above the snow text. Add a drop shadow of choice.


This would be the perfect time to add your copyright information! Also add your name. I did mine in the same script font and drop shadow.

Now here comes the tricky part, animating it! If you don’t want to animate it, just close off all the layers in the snow animation except one and save as a .png.


If you want to animate, open up that animation window!

Create two frames, in frame 1, have the tube showing without the snowbuddy. In frame 2, have the tube with the snowbuddy showing. Go back to the first frame and hit the tween button. Add 3 frames and tween with the next layer.

Now, select all the frames (there should be 5) and duplicate them. In the fly away box, hit reverse frames. Set the display to .2 seconds.

Go back to frame 1. Open the first layer of the snow animation in frame 1, the second in frame 2, and so on until you have done all 10 frames.

Once you are done with that, save for web and devices and enjoy!




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