Sinfully Burned

What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Sin, you can find the tube I used at CDO.

Font-I’m using the font KG Payphone.

Filters-Noise and Render Clouds. Both are default filters in Photoshop.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5. 



Open a new image with the dimensions of 500×500.

Copy and paste your tube into the new image. Position to either the left or the right of your tag. I went with the left. Duplicate the tube and set the top tube layer to multiply. Merge those together.

Using your rectangle tool, draw out a rectangle with your shape tool in a color from your tube. Duplicate the rectangle and move it down so you have two rectangles behind the tube.

Set your foreground and background colors to black and white. Create a new layer above the rectangles, and render clouds. Create a clipping mask by holding alt and clicking between the layers, with one of the rectangles. Set the cloud layer to Linear burn and then merge those two layers together. Repeat this process for the other rectangle.

On each rectangle, add a 2px stroke in white and a drop shadow with the blend mode set to multiply, the angle -107 and both the distance and size set to 4px. Fastest way to do this is add that style to one rectangle and then copy the layer style and paste it on the other layer.

Above the rectangles, type out something that fits your tube. I used the words ‘Oh So Sinful” because the tube is by Sin 😉

On the words, add noise set to 54.2% with the Distribution set to gaussian and the monochromatic box checked.

On the tube, add the same dropshadow as you did on the rectangles, except change the blend mode to linear burn.

Go back to your tube and copy and paste it into the tag again. Drag the tube below all of the layers. Rotate the tube 90 degrees either direction.

Holding Ctrl, click on the thumbnail for the new tube layer. Apply a Box Blur of 26 px. Deselect.

Duplicate that blurred layer twice. Flip one of them horizontally and move it up a bit so it starts to look like a mask. Set the blend mode to linear burn. Do this for the other duplicated layer, except move it downwards.

Merge those layers together.

Add your copyright information. Now, in the space between the rectangles, type out your name in the same font as your earlier text. Add the same noise and a nice dark shadow. I used the same one from the main tube layer.

Crop and save as a png and enjoy!!






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