Shopping Addict

What you need:

Tube of choice- I’m using the art of Maryline Cazenave. You can purchase her art at CDO.

Filter- Muras Meister Copies, Crystalize (Default PS filter)

Font- KG One More Night or any other font you enjoy.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×200.

Copy and paste your tube into the image. Resize the tube if you wish.

Copy and paste the close up under your tube layer. Apply Muras Meister Copies set to Wallpaper with the default settings. Apply a Motion Blur with the angle set to 0 and distance set to 100 pixels.

Create a new layer above your tube layer. Select all and modify a border of 8 px. Flood fill with a color from your tube. Make sure you hit the fill button a few times to get a clean edge. Apply noise set to 42. Add a stroke of 2px in a contrasting color from your tube.

Duplicate your bottom background layer. Using your rectangle marquee tool, draw out a rectangle across the middle of the tag. Invert the selection and then hit delete on the duplicated layer. Deselect.

On that rectangle layer, apply the Crystallize filter with a cell size of 12. Set the blend mode of that layer to multiply. Apply the same stroke you added on the border.

Using your font tool, using a nice clear font (KG One More Night), type out the words “Shopping Addict” or something that fits your tube. Add noise set to 42. Position them above the rectangle in the middle.

Add your copyright information to the tag, as well as your name. I did my name with the same font as the wordart. I added noise and a stroke to just make it stand out. Same settings as those effects in the rest of the tag.


If you don’t wish to animate, save now as a png and enjoy!


To animate, draw a rectangle out in the color white. Make it however big as you wish, but it needs to cover from the top to the bottom of the tag at least. Apply a shape blur, set to 50 pixels. I used a circle as my shape, but you are free to use whatever you’d like.

Drag the rectangle over to the left edge of the tag, so that some of it is peeking off the edge. Create a second frame in your animation window. In that frame, drag the rectangle to the opposite side of the tag.

Go back to the first frame and hit the Tween button. Add 5 frames and tween with the Next Frame.

Now, select all the frames and duplicate them. Reverse the frames in the flyout window. Delete frames 8 and 13. Set the display to .1 seconds.

Save for Web and Devices and enjoy!






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