What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Matt Busch. You can purchase his art at CDO.

Textures of choice- I”m using some textures from here.

Mask-The mask I’m using is by Rebel Dezigns. You can download it here. The action to prepare the mask is here.

Font- Black Jack

Filters-All filters used are default in CS6.



Recently I was forced to upgrade to Photoshop CS6. This tutorial uses a filter that is new to that version. If you are using CS5 or lower, you will have to use a different blur, such as Box blur. Mess around to see what you think looks good.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS6.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 550×200.

Run the action on the mask to prepare it. Copy and paste the mask into your tag.

Open the texture of your choice, I’m using number 3. Position it how you think it looks best.

Copy and paste under your mask layer in the tag. Set the blend mode of your mask to Linear Dodge. In the Layer Style, add a drop shadow with the blend mode set to linear burn. The Angle should be 90. Distance and Size set to 1 and the spread set to 5.

Create a new layer. Select all and modify a border of 4px. Flood fill with white. Click it a few times for a nice sharp edge. Deselect.

Copy and paste your tube into the image under the border you created.

Duplicate your tube and add a Field blur to the top tube with the following settings:




Set the blend mode of that layer to Linear Light.

Duplicate the texture layer. On the duplicated layer go to Render and hit Lens Flare. Set the brightness to 200% and hit the Movie Prime button. Position the flare over above the tubes head, or where you think it would look best.

Set the duplicated layer to Overlay.

Now, duplicate your mask layer. Clear the layer style for that layer. Duplicate it 2 more times. You should now have three duplicated mask layers. Name them animation 1, animation 2, animation 3.

Holding ctrl, click the thumbnail of one of the mask layers you just duplicated. With that selected, on each of the animation layers, go to Render and hit clouds. Deselect. Set the blend mode of those three layers to overlay.

This is where you should add your name and copyright information.

For the name, I just used the font Black Jack and added the same dropshadow from the first mask layer.

If you don’t want to animate, save now as a png or jpg.


This is a pretty easy animation. Make sure your animation window is open at the bottom. If you are like me, and using CS6, it’s the Timeline window.

Create 3 frames. In frame one, make sure animation 1 is showing and the others are closed. Frame two, animation 2 showing, Frame three, animation 3 showing. Set the display mode to .1 seconds.

Save for web and enjoy!




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