Sexy Selfie

What you need:

Tube of choice- I’m using the art of FourXDesigns. You can find her art here.

Texture of choice- The one I’m using can be found here.

Font-Contribute and Impact (default with Windows)


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×225.

Open your texture. Rotate the canvas by 90 degrees either direction.

Copy and paste the texture into your tag, resize if you desire.

Pick a color from your tube. In your layer styles, apply the Color Overlay in that color and set to color. Rasterize the layer style

Copy and paste your tube into the tag. Position your tube to the left of the tag.

Above your tube, create a new layer. Select all, modify border and set it to 8px. Flood fill with black. Create a new image with the dimensions of 400×400. Flood fill with black and add noise set to what you like. Then go to Edit and hit define as a pattern.

On the border you just made, add a 2px stroke in the color white and pattern overlay set to the noise pattern you just made.

Using your ellipse tool, draw out a white circle behind your tube. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Rasterize your shape layer.

On that layer, apply a Gaussian Blur set to 25px. Set the blend mode of that layer to overlay. Rename the layer to “Backlighting” and close it off.

Under the shape layer you just made, using Impact, type out something to fit your tube in all capital letters. I went with “Sexy Selfie”. Rasterize the text layer once it’s the size you like.

Copy and paste the close up of your tube above that layer. Create a clipping mask with the close up and text layer. Merge together. In the layer styles window, add an Inner Shadow with the distance set to 5, the size set to 3, and the blend mode to linear burn. Keep the rest of the settings default. Also add a 2px stroke with the black noise pattern you made.

Now, duplicate your tube layer. On the top tube tube layer, go to Render and find the lens flare. Use the 105mm Prime setting with the brightness set to 52%. Position the little cross above where the flash on the camera would be. Hit ok. If you don’t like it, feel free to undo and reposition until it’s how you like it. It might take a few tries.

Rename that layer to flash.

Now is a good time to add your name and copyright information. For the name, I used Contribute. I did white with a stroke of 2px set to that black noise pattern and a drop shadow of choice.

If you don’t plan on animating, close off the backlight and flash layers and save as a jpg.


If you are going to animate, open your animation window. Create two frames. In the first layer, have the backlight and flash layers closed. In the second layer, close off the normal tube and open the flash and backlight layers.

Set the display on the first frame to .5 seconds. On the second frame, set the display to .2 seconds. Save for web and devices and enjoy!









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