Sexy Girl

What you need:

Tube-I’m using the art of Danny Drake. The tube I’m using is the June bonus, but he has plenty of others that would work just fine. You can find his art at CDO.

Font-I’m using Velvenda Cooler. You can find it here.

Filters-I’m using Muras Tone and Penta Jeans. You can find the Penta filter here and the Mura filter here.

Texture/Animation-Both of which are my creation. You can download them together here:


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial will use the pen tool. I used CS5 in my creation.



Open a new image with the demensions of 600×225. Fill with a gradiant or color of choice. I’m going to go with a gradiant personally.

Open your texture, copy and paste above the gradient/color. Set the blend mode to luminosity and merge those together.

Open your tube, copy and paste into the image above your background. Position toward the right of the tag. To brighten my tube up a bit. I duplicated it and set the top layer to screen and dropped the opacity to 80%. That is totally optional.

Create a new layer above your tube layer. Select all, modify a border of 8px, and flood fill with black, or a color of your choice. Click it a few times so you have a nice clean line.

In the style window for your border, apply a stroke of 2px, set on a black and white gradient. Set the gradient to shape burst. I applied a gradient over my border as well. That is optional.

Now, above your background layer, paste the close up of your tube. Do it a few times, positioning and flipping them so that the whole thing is covered. Merge all the close up layers together. Set the blend mode to Soft Light and merge down with the background.


Here comes the part that will be tricky for some people. Create a new layer above the background. Using your pen tool, place your anchors on each side of the tag it doesn’t matter if they are straight across, just make sure they are around the border area. Now, click in the middle of the line. You should have a new point you made.

Holding Ctrl, drag that middle point down a bit. It should arch a bit. if you want to add another point, do that and move it the other direction (up). You’ve just made yourself a nice curved line. The pen tool takes a bit of getting used to, so don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. There is an undo button for a reason 😉

Now that we have this nifty line, we have to make it an actual line! Go to your brush settings. Set it to a nice round brush at 5px. Set the forground to a color that works with your tag. Now, go back to your pen tool. Right click on the line you made and click “stroke path”. In the pop up box, make sure the brush tool is showing and hit ok. Now you have a line!

Do not delete that path yet! We need it for the next part.

Now, grab your text tool, and pick a nice solid font (I’m using Velvenda Cooler). Click in the middle, on that path you made with the pen tool. Now, type out some words. Keep doing it until you filled the line. It should follow along the path you made. Once you get that done, nudge the words up a bit so they are above that line. You can do this with the move tool activated and just hit your up arrow a few times. Once that is done, your path should be gone. If it’s not, go to your pen tool, right click on it, and hit “delete path”.

In the layer style options for your text, apply a gradient that matches your tag. I used the same one as in my border. Apply a stroke of 1px in white. Then go back to the layer itself and drop the opacity down to 60%.


Above your background layer, create another new layer. Close off your tube, background, and text layers. Leave the line you made and your border open. Using your magic wand tool, click inside the bottom part of your tag. Modify and expand by 3px. With that area still selected, apply Muras Tone filter on the basic settings. Just change the foreground color to white. Set the blend mode to overlay. Keep the selection activated for the next step.

Close off the tone layer you just made. Duplicate the background layer. On the duplicated layer, hit delete, removing the area that is selected. Make sure the blend mode is set to normal. Deselect.

Now, on the duplicated background layer, apply Penta Jeans with the following settings:

Amount: 21

Border Width: 4

Go back to your line in the middle. Copy layer style from the text and paste on the line layer. Bring the opacity of that line back up to 100%. Top copy and paste the layer style, right click on the layer you want to copy and click “Copy layer style” on the layer you want to transfer the style to, right click and hit “Paste layer style”.

Now! Add your copyright information and name. For my name, I used the same style from the line. Just copy and paste the layer style like you did before. 😀

Once you have that done, you can either go on to animate or just save as a .jpg.


To animate! Select the layers from your copyright information down to your duplicated background layer. Hit Ctrl+G to group them.

Open your animation. Select all layers, group like you did on the other layers. Duplicate the group, but choose your tag from the drop down menu instead. Make sure your group is above the background in the tag. Set the blend mode to overlay and drop the opacity of the group down to 75%.

Stretch out the animation so it fills the tag area. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, we just want the edges hidden.

In your animation window, set the first frame to .15 seconds. Duplicate until you have 25 frames.

Once you have that done, open the group with your animation layers. In frame 1, make sure only frame 1 layer is showing. In Frame 2, only frame 2 showing. Do this for every frame and layer.

Once you are done, save for web and devices and enjoy!



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