Pop Punk

What you need:

Tube of choice- I’m using the punky art of Ed Mironiuk. You can find his art at CDO.

Sunburst shapes- You can find the ones I used here on dA.

Font-Xtreem, which can be downloaded here.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.




Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×600.

Copy and paste your tube. Grab a color from the tube and set it as your foreground. I’m using the purple from the hair of my tube.

Using your Elipse tool, holding shift, draw out a circle that just covers your tube. Rasterize layer if needed.

Now, using black, draw out one of the sunburst shapes above the circle. Rasterize layer and create a clipping mask with the purple circle by holding the alt button and clicking between the layers.

Using white, use a different sunburst shape and draw it out above the black one. Rasterize and create a clipping mask.

Holding ctrl, click on the purple circle, invert the selection and erase any bottom part hanging from the tube. Leave the top of the tube alone. Deselect.

Add a white stroke to the tube of 3px. Create a layer with the stroke. Place the stroke layer above the tube.Set the blend mode to overlay and opacity to 55%.

Merge the shape layers together. Duplicate the shape layer. Group all the layers except the bottom shape layer. Resize the group by 90%. Holding ctrl, click on the thumbnail for the bottom circle.

On the bottom shape layer, apply a radial blur with the amount at 100 and the method as zoom. Deselect. Duplicate the layer and roate by 90 degrees.

Holding, ctrl, now click the orignal shape layer, the smaller one. Modify the selection and feather by 20px. Invert the selection and hit delete on that layer.


Using your text tool set to “Xtreem Fat” at 150 pt, type out the word “Punk”. Rotate the text slightly so that the end of the word is upwards. Rasterize the text.

Add a 3px stroke to the word in the same color as your text. Create a layer with the stroke. Press the down and right arrow at the same time. Do this a couple of times.

On the stroke layer, add a dropshadow of choice, set to linear burn, a stroke of 3px in white or black, and a satin effect with black, set to overlay at 100% opacity.

Create a new image with equal dimensions, it doesn’t matter. (I used 200×200). Flood fill with white. Apply noise at about 45%. Go to edit and define as a pattern.

Go back to your other text layer. Apply a gradient overlay of black and white, set to overlay. Add a stroke of 2px, positioned inside as your glittered pattern you just made.

Merge your text layers together.


Add your copyright information and name. For the name, I just used the same font, smaller, and tucked it between the top of the wordart. I set the pattern to the noise one and added a dropshadow.

Crop and resize if you wish and save as a png.





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