Pink Floral

What you need:

Tube of choice: I’m using the gorgeous art of Amy Brown. You can purchase her work at CDO. You can use any tube that has extra decoration on a different layer.

Font: I’m using Contribute for my name.


I assume you have a working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.



Open a new image with the dimensions of 500×500. Flood fill with white.

Copy and paste your tube into the image. Resize as needed.

Copy and paste the flower layer of your tube into the image. Drag underneath the tube layer. Resize if you wish.

Rotate the flowers 90 degrees clockwise. Duplicate and flip the duplicated layer horizontally. Position each flower layer on the sides of the tube, so that they are facing outwards. Merge the flower layers together.

Apply a Motion Blur with the angle set to -17 and the distance at 53.

Create a new layer above the flower layer. With your background and foreground set to black and white, Render Clouds. Repeat this 2 more times.

Create a clipping mask with the three cloud layers and the flowers. Hold alt between the flowers and the first cloud layer and then click with your mouse. Do this with the other cloud layers until they are all one mask. Set the blend mode to overlay on all three cloud layers. Close off all but one.

Using your circle tool, draw a long oval behind the tube layer, using white. Apply the same blur as before, except increase the distance to 70. Set the blend mode of the white ovalto soft light.

Add an outer glow to the tube layer like this:


Duplicate the tube layer two times. In the second tube, drag the spread of the outer glow to 10%. In the third, drag it out to 15%.

Copy and paste the flower layer from the tube again. Paste it just under the white oval. Turn it 90 degrees either direction and set the blend mode to overlay. Duplcate and flip horizonally.

Now is a good time to add your copyright information and name. You can also crop if you wish. For the name, I just used a nice scripty font in white with a drop shadow set to linear burn.


If you do not want to animate, then close off the bottom white layer and save as a png.


If you want to animate! Create 3 frames in your animation window. In the first frame, make sure the first layer of clouds and the first layer of the tube are the only ones showing. In the second layer, close off the first tube/clouds and open the second ones. Do this for the third as well.

Set the display to .2 seconds. Save for web and devices and enjoy!!


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