What you need:

Tube-I’m using the art of FourXDesigns. You can purchase her tubes here!

Texture-The one I’m using can be downloaded here.

Mask- I’m using a mask from Weescotslass. It’s the first one in this post here. You will also need my action to prepare the mask.

Font-Luna Bar


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×600.

Copy and paste your tube into the image. Resize the tube to what you think looks great.

Open the mask. Run the mask action on it to prepare the mask. Copy and paste into the tag behind the tube.

Open your texture. Resize to 700×700. Copy and paste into the tube above the mask. Create a clipping mask and merge the texture and mask together. Keep the texture open in another tab/window though.

Using a color from your tube, draw out a long rectangle behind the tube. Rotate it about 13 degrees. Use my tag as an example. Duplicate this rectangle twice. Move the duplicated rectangles so that they are “stripes”. Again, use my tag as an example.

Rasterize the three rectangles and merge them together into one layer.

Copy and paste your texture again, this time above the shape layer. Create a clipping mask with the shape and texture. Set the blend mode to Soft Light. Go back to your tube. Copy and paste a close up of the tube above the shape layer, under the texture. It should be part of the clipping mask. Set the blend mode of the tube to Multiply.

Duplicate the close up and flip it horizontally. Position it to the other end of the stripes. Name one tube layer “ani 1” and the other “ani 2”.

On the stripes layer apply an inner shadow set to the default settings. Add a 3px stroke in a gradient using two colors from your tube. I used the blue and white. Set the style of the gradient to shape burst.

Using your rectangle tool, draw out two small narrow rectangles in another color from your tube. Rotate them so that they follow the same angle as your other stripes. Use my tag as an example. Merge those shapes together and move under the big stripes.

Apply noise to those smaller stripes with the amount set to 20% and the gaussian/Monochromatic buttons checked.

Add a drop shadow of your choice to the tube. Resize and crop the tag if you wish.

Add your copyright information and name. If you don’t plan on animating, save as a png. For the name, I used Luna Bar. I added the same stroke as I did the rectangles.

If you are animating, create a new layer and flood fill it with white (or any color) and move it to the very bottom layer.


Open your animation window and create two frames. In frame one, make sure ani 1 is the only close up showing. In frame two, make sure ani 2 is it. Go back to the first frame and hit the tween button. Tween with the next frame and add 5 frames. Select all of the frames (should be 7) and duplicate them. Go to the flyout window and hit reverse frames.

Set the display of all of the frames to .1 seconds. Save for web and enjoy!




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