One Sexy Girl – Timeline Cover

(Click to see the image at full size)

What you need:

Tube of choice (with closeup)- I’m using the art of Barbara Jensen. You can purchase her art here.

Texture- I’m using a texture I created myself, but feel free to use one of your liking. You can download my texture here.

Filter-I’m using Motion Blur (default) and Penta-Jeans (optional)

Font- I’m using the font Champagne & Limousines, which you can download here.


I assume you have basic working knowledge of Photoshop.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 851×315. If you don’t wish to make this into a timeline cover, feel free to do it forum tag sized.

Open your texture. Apply a Motion Blur with the angle set to 0 and the distance at 850px.

If you used my texture, or any other large texture, resize it so that it fits the timeline. Copy and paste into your tag.

Open your tube. Copy and paste the tube into the tag. If you have a close up, use that. Position to the right of the tag. Set the blend mode of the tube to soft light and the opacity at 75%. Duplicate that tube layer.

Go down to your texture layer. Duplicate and move above the tube layers. Set the blend mode on that to overlay.

Under that layer, copy and paste your tube again. This time use a smaller version of the tube. Position it to the left side and flip it horizontally. Set the blend mode to overlay and the opacity to 50%. Duplicate that layer.

Now, duplicate the top texture layer. In the layer styles window, drop the fill opacity to 0%. Apply a gradient overlay like this:




Create a new layer. Flood fill with black. Apply Penta-Jeans with the amount set to 175 and the border width at 4. Drop the opacity on that down to 50% and set the blend mode to Soft Light.

Now comes the fun part!

Under the top filterd layer, type out something that fits the tube you used. I went with “One Sexy Girl”. Do it in all capital letters so that it looks uniform. I used Champagne & Limousines set to 72px and in the color white.

Apply the following style, changing up the stroke and glow to a color from your tube:






Rasterize that layer. Position it where you’d like. I went to the center of the image with mine.

Above it, type out your name in the same font. Copy the layer style from the wordart and paste into your name layer.

Add your copyright information. Save as a jpg and enjoy!


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