What you need:

Tube-I’m using the adorable art of Mashi. You can find her art at CDO.

Textures-I’m using this paper texture and a flower texture from here.

Mask-I’m using RebelDesignzMask-Jan3. You can download it here. The action to use it can be downloaded here.

Filter-I’m using Penta-Color Dot

Font- I’m using Lydia Puente.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This was written using CS5.

Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×600. We will resize later.

Using your rectangle shape tool, draw out a long rectangle. It doesn’t matter what color you use. Make sure that the shape is a rasterized layer. Holding Ctrl, click on the thumbnail of the layer. Now, modify and contract by 15 px. Hit delete and then deselect.

Open your paper texture. Resize so it’s a workable size and then copy and paste into your tag. Create a clipping mask by holding the alt key and clicking between the layers. Merge the layers together.

Create a new layer. Using the magic wand tool, select the inside of one of the frames, expand the selection by 5 px and flood fill with grey on the new layer. Make sure the grey is under the frame.

Copy and paste your tube above the bottom grey layer. Create a clipping mask like you did before with the tube and the background. Set the blend mode of the tube to luminosity. Merge those two layers together. Apply Penta-Color Dot on default settings.

Now, open your mask. Double click the layer and run the mask action. Copy and paste into your tag.

Open the Sakura7 image from the cherry blossom pack. Resize it down and then copy and paste into the tag above the mask layer. Create a clipping mask with the mask and the sakura layer. Merge those together. Resize the mask under the other layers so it looks good.

On your masked layer, add a color overlay of red. Set it to overlay. Now, copy and paste the part of the tube with the branch and flowers above the mask layer. Position it so that the branch and flowers are sticking out the side of the frame and the tube is hidden. Set the blend mode to overlay. Duplicate and filp horizontally and then vertically. Position on the right side of the tag.

Copy and paste the other tube layer on top of the frame. Position to the right of the frame.

Add a drop shadow to the frame layer. Right click on the effects in the layer menu. Hit create layer. Drag that layer under your grey background area. Set the blend mode to linear burn. Using your free transform tool, drag the edges out slightly on each corner. Hit ok.

On your grey background layer, add an inner shadow of choice and then a satin overlay with the color red. Set the opacity to 50% and the blend mode to overlay. Hit ok.

Apply the same satin on your frame layer, and just bring the opacity up to 100%.

Add a drop shadow to your main tube layer. Create a layer with the shadow and using the free transform tool, drag it out a bit. Make sure the blend mode is set to linear burn.

If you wish to resize, do so now. Add your copyright information and your name. Save as a png and enjoy!







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