Latex Love

What you need:

Tube-I’m using the art of Redfill. You can purchase the tube I used here.

Texture-I’m using this texture.

Animation-The one I’m using is of my own creation and you can download it here.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×225. Name the image tag.

Flood fill with a color from your tube. Open your texture. Copy and paste it above the flood filled layer. Set the blend mode to Screen. Then duplicate the texure and move it a bit so that you have more of the bokeh covering.

Merge all those layers together. Copy and paste your tube above the background and name the layer “Tube”. Create a new layer above the tube layer and name it “border”.

Select all, modify border and set it to 10px. Flood fill with black. Make sure you do this a couple of times to get a nice solid border. Deselect. Open the layer style window for the border layer. Drop the blend opacity down to 50% and add a 2px stroke in black.

Copy and paste your tube again over the background layer. If you have a close up layer, use that one. Do this a few times until your background is covered. Merge those layers together. Set the blend mode to Screen and merge with the background.

Above the background layer using your rectangle tool, draw out a long rectangle. It needs to be big enough to be rotated and fit across the tag. Use a contrasting color from your tube when you do this.

Rotate that rectangle 45 degrees. After you are happy with the stripe, rasterize layer. Holding Ctrl, click the border layer. On your rectangle layer, hit delete. Copy and paste your texture above the rectangle. Create a clipping mask with the texture and the rectangle. Set the texture layer to Overlay. Merge the two together.

Copy and paste your tube above the rectangle. Do it a few times so that it’s filled. Merge those tube layers together. Set the blend mode to Luminosity. Create a clpping mask and merge it down to the rectangle layer.

Open the layer style window and add a inner shadow with these settings:



Now add an inner stroke of 2px in black. Duplicate the layer and in the style window, change the angle of the shadow to -45 degrees and set the blend opacity to 0%. Merge these layers together.

Above the background layer, using a pixel font of choice in white, type out a few words. It can be a couple of words or a saying. Duplicate this and make it fill the area both horizontally and vertically. Don’t let it go into the border area. If this happens, hit Ctrl on the border area and just hit delete. If you have Muras Meister Copies, feel free to use that. Rasterize text.

At this point, we should add our copyright information. (do this above the border layer)

Add your name using whatever font you wish and style it how you want.

Above your pixel font layer, draw out a rectangle in your contrasting color. Make sure it’s big enough to be rotated and fit across the tag. Rasterize the rectangle and position it in the drop left corner of the tag. Duplicate the rectangle and move it to the bottom right of the tag.

On each rectangle layer, apply a gaussian blur of 20. Duplicate the layer and then merge it down. Apply a gaussian blur of 30, duplicate and then merge down.

Once you do that, create a clipping mask with both rectangles and the pixel font. In your animation window, create 3 frames. Leave the first frame how it is. In the second frame, move the rectangles towards the middle stripe, so that only a bit of the color is showing. Leave the third frame alone.

Now, on your first frame, tween with the next frame and add 10 frames. Now on frame 12, do the same again.

Open the animation I supplied. Select all layers and group them. Duplicate the group, but select the tag from the drop down menu instead. Move the animation group above the middle stripe.

Holding Ctrl, select the middle stripe. Invert the selection. On each layer of the grouped animation, hit delete to remove the excess hanging off the middle stripe. Make sure your layers are open so you can delete.

Set the blend mode of the animation to Overlay.

In your animation window, start at frame 1 and make sure only layer 1 is open in your animation group. Do this for all the frames with the layer number that matches. So for Frame 3, make sure only Layer 3 is visible.

Set the display to .1 seconds and save for Web and Devices. Enjoy!








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