What you need:

Tube of Choice-I’m using the art of Jonathon Earl Bowser (12-1). You can find his art at CDO.

Masks- You will need mask 2 from Artmama and a nice ornate mask. I got mine from Rebel Dezigns. The one from RD is July18th.

Artmamas blog is no longer around, so if anyone has an updated link, please let me know so I can change the download link! 

Action-My mask action.

Animation-You can download the one I made here.

Fonts- I’m using Lydia Puente


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×600. You can flood fill with white now, or later, depending on if you will animate.

Open the mask from Artmama. Invert the colors via adjustments and run the mask action. Copy and paste into your tag.

Open the mask from Rebel Dezigns. Run the action and copy and paste into the tag. You should now have two masks. Make sure the RD mask is under the Artmama one.

Copy and paste a close up of your tube into the tag, above the artmama mask. Duplicate the tube a few times and rotate it a bit. No real pattern. You could also use Muras Copies to speed this one up. Once you have done that, create a clipping mask with the mask layer and the tubes. You can do this by holding your mouse pointer between the layers and holding alt. Merge the mask and tube layers together. Duplicate and set the blend mode of the top layer to Screen.

Copy and paste the tube into the tag. Position to the left of the image. Using your freehand lasso tool, draw around the bottom portion of your tube. Now, feather the selection by 15px and then hit delete.

Duplicate the top mask layer (the one set to screen). Drag it above the tube layer and resize it a bit so it only covers a portion of the tube.

On the bottom mask, add a color overlay set to normal, using a color from your tube. Then drop the opacity of the layer to 50%.


Now, go to your animation. Duplicate the group and pick your tag from the dropdown menu. Hit ok. Drag that group under the tube layer.

Using your freehand lasso tool, draw another circle around the bottom portion of the animation group. Feather by 15px. Hit delete on all the layers in the group. Deselect and drop the opacity of the group to 50%.

Now, add your copyright information and your name.

The font used in the animation is Times New Roman, so if you want to make yours match, you can do that. I used Lydia Puente instead.

If you don’t wish to animate, close off the white bottom layer and save as a png and enjoy! Feel free to crop if you want.


Now! If you want to animate, make sure your animation window is open. Create 30 frames. In frame 1, make sure the layer Frame 1 is showing. In frame 2, make sure frame two is only showing. Do this for all 30 frames.

Once you are done with that, set the display to .5 seconds. Save for web and devices and enjoy!





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