How To: Recolor

If you haven’t seen the good news, Pinup Toons now allows recoloring of tubes!! This tutorial is a teaching tutorial and will show a couple of ways to recolor your tubes. The tube I’m going to be using is the March Pinup Toons bonus. You can find all of his tubes at CDO.




Open your tube of choice. Copy the layer of the tube you wish to recolor. Open a new image and paste the tube into that image.


There are a few ways to recolor, so I’m going to go over the ones I prefer.


Recoloring with Hue/Saturation:

Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturations (Or just use Ctrl+U)

You’ll pull up a menu. There will be a drop down box that handles the master hue. If you click on it, you get different options.




What I like to do is go to the closest color to the one I’d like to recolor. So in my tube, I want to change the greens. So I’ll pick the green from the drop down menu. At this point, you can slide the hue bar until you get a color you like. You can mess with the saturation if you want it to be a brighter or paler color.


This is what I came up with:


It’s worth noting that this will color everything with that base color the new color. You can also do multiple colors. Just hit ok and reopen and do the next color family! This is the fastest way, but not always the most accurate.


Recoloring with Replace color:


Go to Image>Adjustments>Replace Color

It’ll pull up a menu. Example:

You can use the color picker to pick a color on the tube you’d like to change. In the bottom box, you can choose the color you want it to be. You’ll probably have to fiddle with the fuzziness level, but it’s helpful for changing small bits of the tube.


Here is what I came up with using that technique:


Recoloring using Masks:


This one is tricky and takes a lot of practice!

Go down to your menu at the bottom of the layers tab:



And hit solid color. Fill it with whatever color you plan on using. Create a clipping mask with the color and your tube by holding your alt key and clicking between the layers.

Now, you’ll see something like this:


Click inside the white box. You’ll notice your foreground and background colors changed to black and white. Flood fill the layer with black. You’ll notice the that the color is gone. Switch to white and use your brush tool. Brush the area that you want colored. You might have to zoom in to get it where you want. If you make a mistake, switch back to black and “erase” the area you messed up. I usually set the blend of the color layer to hue or color while I work since that’ll be what I use at the end.

Once you’ve finished coloring in the area you want, you can merge everything together, or add another color layer to color something else. Just repeat the same steps as before. You can also “paint” gradients and patterns like this as well.


This is my (very) quick result doing it with a mask:




I hope this helps you guys recolor all of those lovely tubes!!

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