Happy Halloween – No Scraps

What you need:

Tube of choice. I’m using the art of Anna Liawanag. You can purchase her art at CDO.

Filters. I’m using Penta Color Dot and Penta Jeans. Both are FTU filters.

Font. You can find the one I’m using here.

Supplies. You can download them here.


This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS5. You should have working knowledge of the program before beginning this tutorial.




Before we start, let’s prepare our supplies. Open the mask and double click to make it a layer. Drag the action (or install it) and use it on the mask. This will allow the mask to be workable in Photoshop.

Open your tube and texture.

Create a new image with the dimentions of 600×600. Don’t worry, we will crop this later.

Copy and paste your mask into the new image. Copy and paste your texture into the image above the mask. Create a clipping mask by holding the mouse between those two layers and clicking alt. Merge those together. Duplicate the layer and set the top layer to multiply. Merge visible.

Go to your layer styles and apply a color overlay. Set the blend mode to exclusion and use a color from your tube. Depending on your color, you might have to use a different blend mode. Play around with it. Duplicate and resize the duplicated mask by 70%

Using your rectangle tool, draw out some long white rectangles. Try and make them over the more transparent part of the mask. Using your Ellipse tool, draw out a circle as well. To make an even circle, hold shift while dragging. Here is an example of what it should look like:


Don’t worry if your shapes are different. Rasterize your shape layers if needed. Copy and paste the texture above each shape layer. Create a clipping mask for each shape/texture. set the blend mode of the texture to Luminosity. Drop the opacity of the texture to 65% and then merge the clipping mask together. Do this for each shape.

For each shape layer. create a stroke of 4 px in white via layer styles. Fastest way to do this is to do it on one shape layer, then hit copy layer style, and paste the layer style on the other shapes.

You can find the option to copy and paste when you right click on the layer itself.

Right click in the layer, where you see the effects, and hit “create layer”.

Copy and paste your tube into the tag above one of the shape layers. Position it so that part of the tube is showing in the shape. Create a clipping mask. Set the blend mode of the tube to luminosity and then drop the opacity down to about 55%. Repeat this for all the shapes. Alternate between the close up and regular size tube, or different tubes from the same artist. Feel free to rotate the tube in a couple of the squares if you want.

Merge the clipping masks into the shape. Make sure you don’t merge the stroke layer. Now, on a couple of the shapes, apply the penta jeans filter. Drag the amount part down to 21 and leave the border width at 4.

On the other shapes, apply the penta color dot. Drop the value to 31 and leave the other settings at default.

Apply the following styles to each shape. On the inner glow, feel free to use a different color each time. I used the colors from my mask.



Copy and paste the layer style to each shape layer. Feel free to change the color for the inner glow on each shape.

Copy and paste your tube into the tag. Resize if you want. Position it behind a few shapes, but above a couple if you can. Use my tag as a guide. Add a drop shadow of choice. Right click on the effects and create a layer with the drop shadow. Go to the drop shadow layer and use the puppet warp to make it more 3D.

Using a nice font, type out Happy in the top box and Halloween in the box under it. I used Champange and Limosines. Add a drop shadow like this:

In the other boxes, type out Trick and Treat and add the same shadow. I used the vertical text tool, but you can do it however you wish.

Add this same drop shadow to all of the stroke layers.

Add your copyright information and name. Crop if you wish. Save as a png and enjoy!





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