Faux Butterfly

What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of TheVintageAngel™. You can find her art at CDO.

Font- I’m using the font Contribute.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.



Open a new image with the dimensions of 400×400 (tiny tag!)

Flood fill with the color white.

Open your tube. Copy and paste the tube into your image. Duplicate the tube layer.

Resize the bottom tube layer by 70%. Resize the top tube layer by 60%.

Duplicate the bottom tube layer and flip horizontally. Using the eraser tool, erase part of the tube on the duplicated layer. You want it to look like a pair of butterfly wings.

Merge the bigger layers together.

Holding ctrl, select the bigger tube layer. Apply a Radial Blur of 62, set to zoom. Apply that blur a second time.

Apply Brush Strokes>Crosshatch to that bigger layer. Deselect.

Using your rectangle Marquee tool, hold shift and draw out some rectangles like this:




(they don’t have to be exactly like mine)


Now, go to layer and select Layer by Cut.

On that new layer, drop the fill opacity to 60%. Apply a drop shadow with a color from your tube, I used a brown. Set the blend mode to Linear Burn, the distance and size should be at 2. Set the angle to 75,

On the bottom layer, drop the opacity to 80%.

Position the tube so that it’s centered in the bigger tube layer. Apply the same drop shadow from before, except change the angle to -75.

Now, add your copyright information and name. For the name, I used the font Contribute, but you can use any that suits your tube. I did it in a color from my tube and added the same shadow from the tube and a 1px stroke of grey.

Delete the white background, save as a png and enjoy!





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