Drunken Lullaby

What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Cuddly Rigor Mortis, but any tube with some extra insects should work. You can find Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ art at CDO.

Mask- I’m using Vix_Mask232, which you can find here. You will also need my action to prepare the mask for use. You can download it here.

Filter-I’m using Muras Copies.

Fonts- KG Sweet N Sassy (for the wordart) and KG Call Me Maybe for the name. You can find both fonts here. (FTU)


This tutorial was written using CS5. I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 500×500.

Open your mask and double click. Run the mask action on it so we can put it to good use. copy and paste the mask into the tag. Resize the mask by 80%.

Open your tube of choice and grab the close up. Copy and paste into the tag, above your mask. Apply Muras Copies with the drop down menu set to encircle and the settings left at default.

Apply a gaussian blur of 12px. Duplicate the tube layer, set the top layer to screen. Merge down with the other tube layer.

Holding alt, hover your mouse between the two layers and click, creating a clipping mask.

Copy and paste your tube above the mask layer. Using your font tool set to 72px, write out the word drunken at the top of the tag. I used a white, but you can use whatever color you wish. Now, apply the text warp set on arc. Leave the arch at your default settings.

In the layer style window, drop the fill opacity down to 50% and add a drop shadow with the blend mode set to Linear Burn, 100%. The distance and size should be both set to 2.

Using the same font as before, type out the word lullaby under the tube. Apply the same arc, but change the bend to -50. Copy the style from the first font layer and paste it into the other font. Rasterize both fonts.

If you don’t plan on animating, add your copyright information and name. Save as a png.


If you are brave enough to animate…create a new layer and flood fill with white (or any background you’d like). Drag that layer to the bottom. Add your copyright information and name. For the name, I added the same style as before, but put the fill opacity at 100%.

Now, go back to your tube layer, using your lasso tool, draw a circle around one of the flies. Go under Layer, create a new layer via cut. Do this for each fly. You will have 3 new layers. Name them fly 1, fly 2, and fly 3.

Create two frames in your animation window. In the first frame, leave the flies where they are. In the second frame, you are going to move them. On the first fly, hit your up button 3 times. On the second fly, hit the down button 3 times. On the last fly, hit the up two times.

Go back to your first frame. Hit the tween button and tween with the next layer and add 5 frames. Select all the frames and then duplicate them. In the flyout window, hit reverse frames on the duplicated ones. Go to frame 8 and delete that frame. Go to the last frame (13) and delete that one as well.

Set the display to .05 for each frame. Save for web and devices and enjoy!




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