Dance Party

What you need:

Tube-I’m using the art of Danny Drake (Legends Art). You can find his art at CDO.

Mask- I’m using SparkleMask5byJenny. You can download it here.

Action- My mask action, which you can download here.

Fonts- Impact and LHF Sofia Script. Sofia Script is a PTU font, so feel free to use any scripty font you’d like.

Filter-Alien Skin Constellation. This is totally optional. If you don’t have the filter, use a sparkle brush instead. You can find those on deviantart.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5


Open a new image with the dimensions of 600×600.

Using the Vertical text tool, write out the word dance in all capital letters, using the font Impact. Rasterize the layer and add a gradient of two colors from your tube. I used the hot pink and neon blue for mine.

Copy and paste your tube above those words. Set the blend mode to Luminosity. Create a clipping mask with the tube and font layer. You can do this by holding Alt and clicking between the layers. Position your tube so that it is “peeking” in the font layer. Use my tag as an example. Merge those layers together.

Now, using the horizontal text tool, write out PRTY with two spaces between the P and R. Position these so that they are lined up with the A in Dance. Copy and paste a close up of your tube above this layer. Create a clipping mask and merge those two layers together once you have positioned your tube.

In a new image, with the dimensions of 250×250, flood fill with white. Add some noise set to 50%. Under your edit menu, go down and hit “Define Pattern” and then hit ok.

Go back to your tag and apply the following style settings.

For the stroke, choose your noise pattern you just made.


Open your mask. Double click and run the mask action on it. Copy and paste into the tag, under the font layers. In the layer styles, apply the same gradient as you did before, and set the blend mode to overlay. Convert that layer to a smart object and then rasterize the layer. Above that layer, copy and paste your tube. Position the tube so that it is under the text layer, but to the right side of it. Use my tag as a guide.

Go back to your mask layer, duplicate the mask. Above the bottom mask, copy and paste the close ups of your tube. Position them how you like, I did mine on either side of the tube, with the biggest close up on the left. Create a clipping mask with the tubes and the bottom mask. Merge those together. Set the top mask blend mode to overlay. Now, on that top mask, apply Alien Skin Constellation. In the Settings menu of the filter, find the Glimmer setting and use that on default. Hit ok.

Now, duplicate your tube layer. Set the blend mode of the top tube to Screen. Using your lasso tool, draw a selection around like I did here:


Now under selections, feather by 5px. Hit delete on the duplicated tube layer and deselect.

Create a new layer above your normal tube. Using the lasso tool again, draw out a rough triangle like I did here:


Flood fill that layer with a color from your tube. I used the neon blue. Deselect. Now, add a box blur of 85 px. Set the blend mode of that layer to overlay. Position and resize how you’d like the light to look.

On the main tube, add a drop shadow of choice. If you wish to resize and crop, you can do so now.

Add your copyright information and name. To get the glittered name, you can just add a patterned overlay in the style box and use the same glitter from before.

Save as a png and enjoy!



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