Cutesy Banner

What you need:

Tube- I’m using the art of Cute-Loot. You can purchase her art here.

Texture-You can find the one I use here.

Filters-You will need DSB Flux-Electrosphere.

Font-Variex Regular



I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tut was written using CS5.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 615×215 pixels. Name this image “tag”.

Flood fill with a color from your tube. Copy and paste your tube into the middle. Resize if needed.

Open your texture. Resize so that it’s 800×600. Copy and paste it over your flood filled layer.

Position it how it looks best to you. Set the overlay mode to screen. Merge the texture and color layer together. Duplicate and set the blend mode to screen. Move that layer above the tube layer.

Create a new layer above the tube. Select all, modify, create a border with 8px. Flood fill with any color you want. Do it a few times so you have a nice straight square. Deselect.

Hover over the layer with the border and hold Ctrl while you click to select the pixels in that layer. Invert. Go back to the duplicated texture, hit delete. Deselect and then delete the border you made.

On the top texture layer, rename that to border. On the bottom texture layer, rename it background.

On your border, apply this shadow:


Then duplicate the border and add the same shadow, changing the angle to -45.

Apply the same shadow to your tube.

Now, let’s copy and paste the tube again. This time over the background layer. Do this a few times, changing positions each time. Merge those layers together. Set the blend mode to Screen. Create a clipping mask by hovering between that layer and the background layer and clicking while holding Alt.

Merge down. Now, using your preset shape tool, find one you like and draw it out above the background layer, making sure it’s on its own layer. Use a color from your tube for the shape. I used a star because I like how it turned out. Duplicate and flip to the other side. Merge those shapes together.

Create a new layer. Hover over the shape layer and click on it while holding Ctrl. In your new layer, expand by 3 pixels and flood fill with another color from the tube. Deselect and move that layer under your shape layer. Apply noise set to 35%.

Copy and paste your texture above the first shape layer. Set the blend mode to screen and create a clipping mask like we did before. Merge it down into the shape.

Now, copy and paste your tube over that shape layer. Do it so that you will have tube over all the shapes. You may have to do more than one layer of the tube. Merge those tube layers together. Set the blend mode to overlay. Create a clipping mask with the tube and shape. Then merge down into one layer.

On the shape layer. Apply this inner shadow:


Duplicate the shape layer and set the blend opacity to 0% and change the angle of the inner shadow to -45.

Merge the shape layers together.

Create 4 new layers above the shapes. Select the pixels of the shape like we did before by holding Ctrl and clicking on the preview of the layer.

Name these layers Animation1, Animation2, Animation3, and Animation4.

In each layer, using DSB Flux-Electrosphere create new colors. Change the settings each time. Just play around with them. 🙂

You should now have 4 layers of rainbow goodness. Set the blend mode on all of those to Overlay. Close them all off except Ani1. Select the Ani layers and the shapes (both top and bottom) and hit Ctrl+G to group them.

Let’s add our copyright above the border layer. Let’s add our name now. I just used a nice font with white and a shadow that matches the tube.

If you aren’t going to animate, save as a jpg at this point.


If you are, get your animation window open.

Create 5 frames. In your grouped layers, make sure Ani1 is open in Frame 1. In frame 2, only Ani 2 should be open. In frame 3, ani 3 open. In frame 4, ani 4 open. In frame 5, ani 1 should be open.

On Frame 1, tween with the next frame and add 3 frames.Do this again on Frame 5, 9, and 13. After you do that, delete frame 17.

Set the display time to .1 and save for web and devices. Enjoy!




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