What you need:

Tube(s) of choice- I’m using the art of Anna Marine. You can find her art at CDO. The images I picked came from Package 31.

My supplies- You can download those here.

Animation (optional)- I’m using the Blood Gush animation from Lovey. You can download it here.

Fonts-I’m using Carpenter Script, but any font will work.

This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS5. I assume you have working knowledge of the program. This tutorial can be recreated in Paintshop Pro.


Open a new image with the demensions of 600×225.

Copy and paste the background image into the image. Name that layer “background”. Position however you want.

Now, open your foreground layer. Copy and paste that into the image above the background. Name that layer “foreground”.

Open your tube. Copy and paste above the foreground layer. Resize and position wherever you want.

Now, create a new layer above the tube layer. Select all and modify a border of 5px. Flood fill with black. Click the fill button a few times to make sure you have a nice straight line. Apply a stroke of 3px with a basic black and white gradient. Set the gradient to Shape Burst.

Close off all the layers except the background layer. Duplicate the background layer, set the blend mode to multiply. Merge down. Duplicate once again. On the duplicated layer, set the blend mode to Linear Burn. Merge those layers together.

Reopen the other layers. Recolor your foreground layer to a color that matches your tube, or just leave it be.

Open the glass from the supplies. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste above the foreground layer. Duplicate the glass once and merge down. Sharpen the glass layer.

Using your magic wand tool, click inside the hole in the glass. Modify, and expand by 1px.

On the foreground layer, hit delete. Deselect. On that same layer, apply this shadow:


After you do that, right click and make the shadow into it’s own layer. Using the free transform button, warp the shadow a little bit to give more depth.

Now, open up your close up or a second tube by the same artist. Copy and paste above the background layer. Resize and position so that it is peeking out through your glass. Set the blend mode to pin light. You may need to use a different blend mode depending on your tube choice. Play around with it.

At this point, add your copyright information and name as the top two layers.

For the name, I just used a nice scripty font and added a stroke and shadow. You can add any styles you want. 🙂


If you don’t want to animate, you can save as a .jpg here.


On to the animation!

Select the layers from your copyright down to the drop shadow for your foreground layer and hit Ctrl+G to group them. Group the bottom two layers in a separate group.

Open your animation. I am using the BloodGush animation. Delete the copyright layer. Select all layers. Hit Ctrl+G to group them. Duplicate group, but make sure you find your tag in the drop down menu.

Set the blend mode of the animation group to Overlay. Feel free to play around on the blend mode for the animation as well. 😀


Now, create 20 frames in your animation window. In Frame 1, make sure only the Frame 1 layer is showing. In Frame 2, make sure only the Frame 2 layer is showing. Continue this pattern for all the frames. Set the display for each frame at .1 seconds. Save for web and devices and enjoy!



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