Circle Pop

What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of FourXDesigns. You can purchase her art here.

Mask of choice-I’m using the mask Vix382. You can download that mask here. The action used to prepare the mask can be downloaded here.

Texture of choice- The texture I use I created myself. You can grab it here.

Font of choice-I’m using the font Remachine Script, which you can download here.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5, but can be done in older versions of the program.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 500×500.

Open your mask and run the mask action. Make sure you double click the layer before running the action.

Copy and paste the mask into your tag. Open your texture. Copy and paste the texture above the mask layer. Create a clipping mask and merge those layers together.

Open your tube of choice, copy and paste into the tag. Resize if needed. Close off the tube layer.

Using your ellipse tool, draw out a circle while holding shift. I used black, but you can use whatever color you’d like.

Now, duplicate that circle, and drag it down a bit like in this example:



Now, holding your ctrl button, click on the thumbnail of the second circle. Go to the first circle and hit delete. You should have a crescent shape. Duplicate that shape and resize by 80% on the duplicated layer. Drag that layer down at an angle.

Repeat this another two times. You should have something like this:






Now, select those circle layers and group them together by hitting Ctrl+g with those layers selected. Reopen the tube layer and position the grouped layer so that it is to the upper left of the tube. You may have to rotate or resize the group to get it how you’d like.

Duplicate that group and flip the group by 180 degrees. Position to the bottom right of the tube. Resize the group so that it is slightly smaller.

Merge each group into it’s own layer, so you should have two layers of crescents. Grab a close up from your tube. Copy and paste it above the right crescent layer. Create a clipping mask with those layers. Position the tube how you’d like. Duplicate the tube layer. Set the bottom layer to luminosity and the top layer to screen. Merge the clipping mask together.

Repeat for the left crescent layer.

Open a new image with the dimensions of 200×200. Flood fill with white. Add noise set to 40%. Under the edit menu, define as a pattern. Close out of that image without saving.

Back in your tag, on the left crescent layer, apply the following styles:


Stroke-3 px with the noise pattern you just created.

Inner shadow- Angle of 120 degrees. Distance 1px, size 1px. Set the blend mode to Linear Burn and the opacity to 75%. Make sure the global light box is unchecked.

Drop shadow-Angle of -60, distance of 5 px, size of 3px. Set the blend mode to multiply and opacity of 90%. Uncheck the global light box.

Color overlay-This can be any color you’d like. I used the pink from my texture and set it to soft light.


Now, copy the layer style and paste into the other crescent layer. Open the layer style box and change the angle on the drop shadow to 120, and the angle on the inner shadow should be changed to -60.

On your tube layer, add a drop shadow with these settings: Angle of -130, distance set to 6 px, size set to 5 px. Blend mode is set to linear burn, opacity dropped down to 50%. Make sure the global light box is unchecked.

Right click on the style area in your layers. Hit “create layer”. Go to the dropshadow layer under your tube. Using the warp tool, warp the shadow like this:



Hit ok.

Now add your copyright information and name. For the name, I added the noise pattern as a pattern overlay set to normal. I added a 3px stroke in a color from the tag (pink) and a drop shadow with the blend mode set to linear burn, the distance/size were both 5px, and the angle was -115. As always, global light was unchecked.

Crop if you’d like and then save as a png. Enjoy!!




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