Candy Cane

What you need:

Tube-I’m using the art of Amy Matthews. Her art can be purchased at CDO. The tube I’m using was a bonus tube, so feel free to use any other tube.

Supplies-You can download them here.

Filters-Muras Meister Copies and Penta Jeans

Action-My Mask Action which can be downloaded here.

Font of choice- I’m using Caramel Crunch, which is a PTU font. Feel free to use any you wish.


This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS5. I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop.


Open a new image that is 600×600.

Copy and paste your tube into the new image. Duplicate the tube layer. Apply Muras Copies with the following settings set to wallpaper:


Apply a Motion Blur with the settings of -62 and 45 pixels. Set your foreground and background to two colors from your tube. I used red and white. Create a new layer. Go to filter, and apply Render-Clouds. Drag that layer under your “wallpaper” layer of tubes.

Set the tube layer to overlay and then merge the clouds and that layer together.

Open your mask, double click to make it a layer and use the Mask Action on it.

Copy and paste into the tag. Drag the mask under the texture layer you created. Create a clipping mask with the texture and mask. You can do this by holding alt between the two layers and clicking.

Merge those layers together. Resize the mask a bit and then duplicate the mask twice and then merge all the mask layers together.

Copy and paste a close up of your tube above the mask layer. Duplicate and move to the other side of the mask. Use my tag as an example. Create a clipping mask with the tube layers and the mask. Set the blend mode of the close up layers to Luminosity and then merge the close up and mask together. Duplicate the mask 2 times and then merge all the mask layers together.

Using your preset shape tool, draw out a circle in white. Hold shift while dragging out your circle. Now, using a red color, draw out a thin rectangle. Rotate the rectangle by about 8 degrees. Apply Muras Copies to the rectangle layer with these settigns:


Create a clipping mask with the circle and the rectangles. Merge together. Holding Ctrl, click on the circle layer. It should create a selection. Go to Selections and Contract by 15. Hit delete.

Deselect and apply the following bevel. Then add a dropshadow of choice.


Duplicate your mask layer. Using your magic wand tool, select the inside of the frame you made. Expand by 10px. Invert the selection. On your duplicated mask layer, hit delete. Deselect.

On the duplicated layer, apply Penta Jeans on the default settings and then set the blend mode to Soft Light.

Open the supplied animation. Select all layers and then hit Ctrl+G to group them together. Duplicate the group but choose your tag from the dropdown menu. Move the group between your mask layers. Set the blend mode to overlay of the group.

Select the inside of your frame again with the magic wand tool. Expand the same as before. Invert selection. Now, on each layer of your snow animation, hit delete. This will make it so that the snow is just inside the frame.

Deselect. Add a drop shadow of choice to your main tube. Add your copyright information and name at this point. You can do the same effect you did for your frame, on your name if you want. Just follow the same steps.

Crop your tag. If you wish to animate, create a new layer and flood fill with white, or any color you want, and drag to the bottom of the layers.


In your animation window, create 10 frames. In the first frame, make sure only the layer 1 from your group is showing. Then in the second frame, make sure only two is showing. Follow this pattern until you have done each frame. Set the display to .1 seconds. Save for Web and Devices and enjoy!






If you do not animate, simply save as a png!

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