What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Chrissy Clark. You can buy her art at CDO.

Filter- Muras Meister Copies

Fonts-KG I want Crazy.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.



Open a new image with the dimensions of 625×250.

Copy and paste your tube into the tag. Position in the middle.

Duplicate the tube layer. On the bottom tube layer, apply Muras Meister-Copies with the dropdown menu set to “Encircle” and the other settings default.

Duplicate the bottom tube layer and set the blend mode of that layer to screen. Merge down.

Duplicate it again and close off the duplicated layer.

Using your Ellipse tool, hold shift and draw out a circle behind your main tube layer in white. Feel free to make it any size.

Rasterize your shape. Take the duplicated background layer and move it above the circle. Create a clipping mask with the shape and the background. Do this by holding your mouse between the layers and hitting alt.

On the background layer in the clipping mask, set the blend mode to luminosity. Merge the clipping mask together.

Apply the following style to the circle layer.




On the bottom layer, apply a Motion Blur with the angle set to 0a nd the distance to 998. Duplicate that layer and drag it above the circle layer. Set the blend mode to Soft Light.

Above the main tube, create a new layer. Select all and modify a border of 5px. Flood fill the border with black and deselect. You may have to hit the flood fill a couple of times for a crisp line.

On the tube, add a drop shadow of choice. I used the following settings in mine:


Duplicate the bottom layer again, this time 3 times. Using your magic wand tool, randomly select a few areas while holding shift.

On the first duplicated layer, apply noise with the amount set to 25%. Make sure monochromatic button is clicked and it’s set to gaussian.

On the second layer, apply the noise, but change the amount to 28%. Do this again on the third layer and set the noise to 31%. Deselect.


Now, add your copyright information and name above the border layer. For my name, I used the font KG I Want Crazy. I simply added a dropshadow to the name.

If you do not want to animate, save as a jpg and enjoy.


If you are going to animate, create 3 frames in the animation window.

In the first frame, close off the second and third layer you did the noise on. On the second frame, close off the first layer and open the second layer. On the third frame, close off the second layer and make sure the third one is showing.

Set the display for the frames at .1 seconds and save for web and devices.






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