Brushing Up

What you need:

Tube of choice-I’m using the art of Cuddly Rigor Mortis. You can purchase her art at CDO.

Shapes-I’m using Arrow 9, which is a default shape in Photoshop. Any arrow will work.

Mask-I’m using a mask I created myself. You can download the mask here.

Action-The action I use to prepare my mask can be downloaded here.

Font-I’m using the font KG Keep Your Head Up, which you can download here.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5, but can be done in older versions of the program.


Open a new image with the demensions of 500×500.

Copy and paste your tube into the image, resize if needed.

Grab two colors from your tube, one darker and one lighter. Using the shape tool set to Arrow 9, draw out an arrow. Flip it 90 degrees CCW and position it behind your tube to the right side.

Rasterize your arrow layer. Holding ctrl, click on the thumbnail for the arrow. Create a new layer. In the new layer, contract the selection by 10px. Flood fill with the lighter color from your tube. Deselect all.

On the darker arrow layer, apply noise set to 10%. Make sure the rest of the settings are Gaussian and the Monochromatic button is clicked.

Copy and paste your tube above the lighter colored arrow. Resize and transform the tube so that it fits inside the arrow. Create a clipping mask with tube and set the tube layer to screen. Merge those two layers together.

On the lighter arrow layer, add an inner shadow with the following settings:

Blend mode: Linear Burn

Angle: 90 degrees, global light unchecked

Distance: 6px

Size: 6px.

Rest is left default.

Now, group the two arrow layers together. You can do this by selecting both layers and then hitting Ctrl+G. Duplicate this group. Flip the duplicated group vertically and resize so that it’s smaller. Position to the other side of the tube.

Open your mask now and run the action on it. Copy and paste the mask into the tag. Move the mask to the very bottom layer. Resize the mask to fit the tube. Copy and paste your tube into the image above the mask. Create a clipping mask with the tube and mask layer. Duplicate the tube if you have to, so you fill out the full mask. Merge those layers together.

Now, on your main tube layer, apply a drop shadow. Use the same settings you used for the inner shadow, except change the angle to -90 degrees.

Using the font “KG Keep Your Head up” type out the following words using white, set to 36pt: Brushing up on looking down.

Now add a 2px stroke in the darker color from your tube and a drop shadow like the one used on the main tube. Rotate the text 90 degrees CCW and position on the right side of the right arrow. Use my tag as a guide. Rasterize the text layer.

Add your copyright information and your name. For the name, I used the same font and style as the wordart. I just made the font a bit larger.

Crop if you wish and save as a png and enjoy!!





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