Blue Attitude

What you need:

Tube of Choice-I’m using the art of Michael Calandra. You can purchase his art at CDO.

Gradient- I’m using the Dreaming gradient from Tonya. You can download it here.

Font of Choice-I’m using Champagne & Limousines. You are free to use whatever you’d like.

Filters- The filters that are used in this tutorial come standard with Photoshop.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 650×225. Drag the dreaming gradient into Photoshop.

Set your background and foreground to black and white. Go to filter and render clouds.

Now, apply a radial blur with the amount set to 18 and the method set to spin. Keep the quality on good.

Pull up your levels window, you can do this by hitting Ctrl+L or it can be found under adjustments.

Change the input levels so that they are 39, .43, and 238. Leave the output levels the way they are.

Now, apply some levels again. This time the input levels should be 6, 1.61, and 182.

Pick a color from your tube. I’m using the blue in the eyeshadow, but feel free to use what you wish. Create a new layer above your background and flood fill with that color.

Set the blend mode of that layer to overlay and merge down. Create a new layer above that layer. Fill with the dreaming gradient. Set the blend mode to overlay and merge down.

Duplicate that layer twice and set the duplicated layers to overlay. Apply the Ocean Ripple filter to both layers. On the first one, set the size to 1 and the magnitude to 6. On the second layer, set the magnitude to 12 and leave the size at 1. Name one layer Ani1 and the other one Ani2.

Now, copy and paste your tube into the image. Position it wherever you’d like. Copy and paste a close up of your tube above the bottom layer. Set the blend mode to Luminoosity and drop the opacity down to 65%. Position this tube on the opposite side of your other tube layer.

Create a new layer above all of them. Select all and modify a border of 8px. Flood fill with black. Hit the button a few times to get a nice sharp line. Deselect and apply a 2px stroke in a color from your tube.

Now, add your copyright information and name. For the name, I just used Champagne & Limousines in white. I added a nice drop shadow to it.


Once you have done that, if you don’t plan on animating, save as a png and enjoy!

If you plan on animating, get that animation window open.

Create two frames in your animation window. In the first frame, make sure Ani2 is closed off and Ani1 is open. In frame 2, make sure Ani 2 is showing and Ani1 is closed off.

Activate your first frame and hit the tween button. Tween with the next frame and add 5 frames.

Now, select all of your frames. Duplicate the frames and then hit reverse frames. The reverse frames button can be found in the little flyout box on the right side of your animation window.

Set the display of all the frames to .1 seconds and save for web and devices! Enjoy!



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