What you need:

Tube of choice- I’m using the awesome art of Martin Abel. You can find his art at CDO.

Brushes-I’m using a brush set from Axeraider70. You can download those brushes here.

Font-I’m using LHF Stanford Script, which is a PTU font. Feel free to use whatever font you want.


I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. I used CS6 while writing this tutorial, but older versions will work just as well.


Open a new image with the dimensions of 585×200.

Install your brush. I do this by simply dragging the abr file into the program while it’s open.

Now, set the foreground to a color from your tube and the background as another color. For my tube, I used the colors in the fire and water swirl.

Using your gradient tool with the gradient set to the two colors (foreground/backgroud), fill the background of your tag. I drew the line straight across starting from the right side.

Copy and paste your tube into the tag. Position it in the middle.

Create a new layer above your tube. Select all, Modify Border of 8px, and flood fill with a color of choice. I used black for mine. Deselect. Make sure you hit the fill a few times, to make sure it’s a nice crisp line.

Now, create a new layer above your gradient layer. Using the “Sampled Brush 3” from the Danger Close brush set, apply the brush to the bottom left corner of the tag, using the opposite color that is in the gradient.

Repeat the new layer and brush, but use the other color. Flip that layer horizontally and reposition to the right corner. Use my tag as a guide for this.

Create another new layer. Using the “Sampled Brush 2” from the same set, apply the brush from the middle of the tube, using the contrast color. Repeat the same as before, switching colors and flipping horizontally.

On each brush layer, apply the following inner shadow:




Fastest way to do this is to add the style on one layer. Then hitting “Copy Layer Style”. Then go to the others and hit “Paste Layer Style”.

On your tube layer, add this drop shadow:




Reset your foreground/background to black and white. Create 3 new layers above the bottom gradient layer. Name them Ani 1. Ani 2. and Ani 3. In each layer, apply the filter “Render Clouds” and set the blend mode of those layers to Overlay.

Add your copyright information and name. The font I used is a PTU font.


If you are not going to animate, save as a jpg.


If you plan on animating make sure your animation window is open at the bottom of the program.

Create 3 new frames. Close off all of the Ani layers except the first one. In the second frame, close off Ani 1, and open Ani 2. In the third frame, close off Ani 2, and open Ani3.

Set the display for the frames to .2 seconds. Save for Web and Devices. Enjoy!!



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